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My parents were both Finnish and moved from Finland to the north of Sweden in the early sixties to a small village called Muonionalusta above the Arctic circle, a name that is hard to pronounce even for a Swede! My journey then took me via Overtornea and Haparanda in the north of Sweden to New Jersey and Los Angeles in America, Hastings and Newcastle in the UK, Copenhagen in Denmark and now to Surrey with Stockholm as a target for next year.

Over the years I have held several professional positions and was fortunate that one of my hobbies led to my first job. My career first started when I stole my older brother’s electric guitar and started my first band with my friends! One opportunity has lead to another and I have always been fortunate enough to enjoy my work.

My activities as a hobby musician finally led to my first permanent employment at Holmberg Cases after completing the National Service. This gave me an opportunity to learn about sales and marketing. I soon became a partner in establishing their business in Finland. In 1993 Penn Fabrication, one of our suppliers, offered me a position in the USA. It did not take me long to decide to go for it, I sold my record store to an employee, resigned from my job and partnership at Holmberg Cases and moved my family to Pompton Plains in New Jersey. I learned the job and the language and was offered a Sales Representative position for the west coast of California. My interest in developing the business further led me into product development to increase sales to current customers and to gain new customers for the company. Manufacturing was based in the UK at the time so I moved there to head up new product development and product launches at one of the sites in Hastings.

At Penn Fabrication I developed products that still today stand for a substantial part of the company’s sales. I also developed and implemented system, communication channels and procedures to control and manage the overall business functions including, procurement, inventory control, sales and marketing and finance. In 2001 I was invited to join the board of directors where my official title was that of Purchasing Director.

In 2004 I enrolled at the Newcastle University Business School and started my studies to gain a Masters Degree in Business Administration on a part time basis and graduated with merit in 2007. The studies and interaction with other executives gave me a fantastic personal development boost. During my time at the university I found out about Nigel Wright and their plans to develop business in the Nordics. I changed my career path and in May 2006, with a team of other Scandinavians in Newcastle, I started building up a client base for business opportunities in recruitment assignments throughout Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The expansion of the recruitment service progressed very well. I developed many personal and professional relationships and gained a good network of contacts in leading FMCG companies throughout the Nordics and gained an increasing amount of assignments .In 2008 I was promoted and tasked with another manager to start up the Nigel Wright offices in Copenhagen where I also supported the recruitment of new staff for the new Nordic organisation.

In January 2009 I launched my own company and have had a very positive feedback from all my contacts. I am confident that having read this so far clients and candidates alike will realise that I am committed to offering a uniquely professional and personal service which will benefit all parties. If you would like some references regarding my previous work and methods please feel free to contact me and I will put you in touch with recent clients and candidates who will be happy to comment.

I look forward to working with you and many thanks for visiting my website.

Harry Barsk


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